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Westwood & Montrose - Eye Center Optometric Corp
Westwood & Montrose - Eye Center Optometric Corp
Westwood & Montrose - Eye Center Optometric Corp
Refractive & Lasik Co-Management

Tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? Today, several surgical methods can correct your eyesight and give you the freedom of seeing without corrective lenses.

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LASIK, PRK, Multi Focal Lens Implants, and Cataract Dr. Jilber Fouladian has done over 10,000 refractive procedure consultations in Southern California. He has also been a consultant for refractive surgeons for the last five years. He has been involved in patient studies with LADAR Vision, the results of which were shared with the refractive surgery community in United States and around the world.


Over the last three years the refractive procedure has taken a great steps toward better quality of vision and safety. Unfortunately, these improvements have driven the cost of procedures higher over the last few years. The discounted refractive surgery centers that offer low prices, like $499 per eye, do not offer the latest and most advanced technologies to their patients. These patients do not receive the proper information from their eye doctors about a procedure, which has life long repercussions. Dr. Fouladian’s personal view on the cost of refractive surgery is very simple. You get what you pay for! People are also generally unhappy with their LASIK procedure when they do not comply with their eye doctor and medications. If the patient does not show up for their follow up appointment or their medications are not used or used incorrectly after the procedure they can have many problems. Look at these three factors when evaluating why someone is unhappy with their Lasik procedure:

  • Choosing a lower or older technology
  • They were not compliant with the follow up visits or usage of medication.
  • The patients had base line corneal degenerative diseases that was missed by the surgeons or masked by contact lenses at the time of consultation.

new jilberDr. Jilber Fouladian’s main goal in refractive surgery is to educate patients regarding their options, risks, and benefits. The patient needs to understand that a refractive procedure is an alternative to glasses and contact lenses. The patient always has the option to continue to wear glasses or contact lenses. Refractive procedures are considered one of the safest elective procedures in the world and millions of people have gained freedom from glasses or contact lenses after treatment. Therefore, finding the right Montrose eye doctors and surgeons to evaluate you for refractive surgery is crucial to your success.