New Advanced Dry Eye Treatment

New Advanced Dry Eye Treatment

New Advanced Dry Eye Treatment

New Advanced Dry Eye Treatment

InMode Envision has taken the lead in the industry of dry eye disease and is approaching the treatment of this condition from the base of the problem: meibomian gland dysfunction and ocular inflammation. Our office is very proud to be one of a few offices in Los Angeles that have access to InMode Envision. We are hoping to improve the overall health of our patients ocular health plus their freedom of not being dependent on eye drops. The goal has been to improve the life of patients who have constant teary and red eyes plus contact lens patients that have become intolerant to contact lenses due to dry eyes. Our approach is safe and non-invasive with long term efficacy. The treatment requires certain qualifications and follow up protocol that can be discussed at your consultation. For a short time our office has put the cost of your consultation towards the cost of your treatment. To get more information please call our office for further questions or concerns.​​​​​​​

About me

Dr. Jilber Fouladian with over 20 years of experience provides dry eye treatments in addition to comprehensive & routine eye examination. Dry eyes have been the biggest challenge over the years for most eye care providers and pharmaceuticals. Every year many major pharmaceutical companies try to explore and treat dry eyes with medicated eye drops from low cost artificial tears all the way to high cost immunomodulator eye drops. Due to usage of staring at digital screens the number of people with dry eyes has multiplied over the last decades. In our practice Dr. Fouladian has seen a host of different reasons for dry eyes. From new medications like inhalers or injections or orals to hormonal changes/menopause and usage of screen and contact lenses. Our aging population suffers as well due to a combination of many factors. In addition most patients with autoimmune diseases suffer from dry and inflamed eyes. In our office there is a priority to treat dry eyes since all ages and genders do complain of eye irritation and discomfort.

In our dry eye treatment plan we have the opportunity to use one the most sophisticated equipment and leader in the industry of dry eye treatment and aesthetic. InMode Envision has opened a door to all patients with different ethnicity and skin color to receive and benefit from dry eye treatments. You can have an instant relief after your first treatment and the effect of it will extend 2-3 weeks' time.

Our approach is very simple and easy to understand. Dry eyes is considered an inflammatory condition that progresses over the years and it can become more aggravating with age, hormones, medications, contact lenses, screen time and many more factors. InMode Envision provides two different treatment plans that use radio frequency (RF) and intense pulse lighting (IPL) to treat and prolong your relief from dry eye condition. In this treatment InMode envision uses RF with the help of IPL to activate the function of glands that produce your essential tears and oil along with eradicating inflammation through the use of IPL treatment.​​​​​​​

Interested to learn more about ocular inflammation and meibomian gland dysfunction?

Ocular Surface Inflammation & Meibomian gland dysfunction

Ocular surface inflammation: Interested to learn more about ocular inflammation and meibomian gland dysfunction? Ocular inflammation is the result of immune related responses and or other autoimmune diseases. There are other factors that result in inflammatory conditions like age, hormones, medications, allergies/contact lenses and past eye surgeries. Dry eyes is considered an inflammatory condition of the ocular surface and surrounds that progresses and becomes more aggravating if it is left untreated.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: Meibomian glands are very small glands in the upper and lower eyelids that have little orifices extending near eyelashes and their job is to produce a right balance of tears and oil. The meibomian glands due to ocular inflammation or imbalance levels of tears and oil production will harden and result in blockage or clogging of the glands. Therefore the essential tear production for keeping the moisture to the ocular surface will go to a halt. These glands are different from the lacrimal glands that trigger during an emotional situation like crying. Patients with meibomian gland dysfunction trigger the wrong “lacrimal glands” that produce salty tears instead of triggering the right “meibomian glands” in order to compensate for the dry eye condition. This is the reason that most dry eye patients complain of excessive tearing and stinging feeling which results in further exacerbating their dry eye condition. In some instances this condition becomes more problematic when the glands blockage results in stye or chalazion. Patients usually can not use contact lenses and there is a down time where most patient can not go to work due to the appearance or pain/discomfort.

Which other professions are using InMode technology?

Dermatologist for skin rejuvenation

Intense pulse lighting (IPL) and radio frequency (RF) have been around for many years in the aesthetic/dermatology profession. The usage of these equipments in skin care have been the following:

  1. 1. Treat skin laxity and texture
  2. 2. Treat to smooth out wrinkles and lines
  3. 3. Treat rosacea and sun spots
  4. 4. Treat and restore collagen formation
  5. 5. Treat vascular and inflammatory skin condition
What are the signs and symptoms of Dry Eyes?
  • Gritty and foreign body sensation

  • Itching and burning sensation

  • Eyelid and white part of the eyes being red/puffy and tired looking

  • Blurry vision and focusing with reading and screen.

  • Light sensitivity

  • Contact lens intolerance ( can not use contact lenses for a full day)

  • Leaky and watery eyes or infections with discharge

  • Heavy and fatigue eyes

  • Dry/sore/ache sensation

  • Stye or chalazion.

Who are the people that suffer from dry eyes?

All ages can suffer from dry eyes however there are certain group of people that have more issues and complainants and here is the list:

  • Age related ( patients over the age of 50) this does not exclude patients that are much younger even as young as teenage years.

  • Certain illnesses like auto-immune disorders.

  • History of eye surgeries / procedures like LASIK/Cataract or Eyelid surgery ( Blepharoplasty)

  • Skin conditions like Rosecea, eczema or dermatitis

  • Medications: Antihistamines, decongestants, hormone replacement therapy or birth control meds, blood pressure meds, acne meds, Parkinson's disease and neurological meds and asthma meds. Weight control medications

  • History of corneal abrasion or erosion

  • Hormone imbalances and menopause in women

  • Eyelid condition like ectropion or Bell’s palsy or secondary to stroke

  • Blepharitis

  • Meibomian gland dysfunction

  • Tear duct infection

  • Sjogren

  • Vitamin A insufficiency

What causes and worsen dry eyes?
  • Environment ( low humidity)

  • Seasonal allergies

  • Screen and staring at electronics

  • Mask and make ups

  • Eyelash extensions

  • Smoking and excessive drinking

  • Work or habits that requires to be staring screens

  • AC and ventilation, Wind, Smoke and chemical fumes

What are the treatments for dry eyes?
  • Artificial tears and ointments

  • Diet changes and supplement intake ( increase Omega 3)

  • Eyelid scrubs

  • Warm compress

  • Immunomodulatory treatments like Restasis, Xiidra and Cequa

  • Punctual plugs

  • Membrane insertion

  • Eye massage

  • Sunglasses


  1. 1. Long lasting
  2. 2. Non invasive
  3. 3. 85% efficacy vs. 35% medicational treatments
  4. 4. Treatment and efficacy times is shorter
  5. 5. Better appearance of eyes, ocular surface and eyelids.

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