Meet our Doctor

Meet our Doctor

Meet our Doctor

Meet our Doctor

Dr. Jilber Fouladian

Dr. Jilber Fouladian, Optometrist

Westwood and Montrose Eye Center was founded in 2003 by Doctor Jilber Fouladian. Doctor Fouladian is therapeutically board certified in the detection of and treatment of eye diseases. He is also credentialed in the pre and post-operative management of LASIK surgery. Doctor Fouladian received a degree in Neuroscience from UCLA and later attended the University of Houston, Texas for his Optometry Doctorate. He was trained at both the University Eye Institute in Texas and VA Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Doctor Fouladian served his country during Operation Enduring Freedom at the U.S. Navy Air Force base in San Diego, California.

Doctor Fouladian’s specialties include:

  • General eye examination

  • General eye diseases diagnosis and treatment

  • Dry eyes

  • Glaucoma Certified in California

  • Contact lenses for Multifocals and Astigmatism plus Keratoconus eye infections related to contact lenses

  • Pre- and Post-refractive procedures management

Doctor Fouladian grew up in West Los Angles from the age of 13. He traveled to Texas for four years for optometry school then returned to West Los Angeles.

When asked what made him specialize in his field, he says: “I come from a family of Optometrists. My father is a Refraction Optician from Paris who studied there for 10 years and that’s how I got my French name. I have two uncles and one also is an Optometrist and one is a Refraction Optician. However, as a Neuroscience major at UCLA my passion was studying the human brain and maybe proceeding to a PhD Neuroscience program. I never thought that I would go into the same eye business as my father and uncles. However, after I finished UCLA I realized that I enjoyed having interaction with people more than working in a lab. Knowing that I like to study brain and human behaviors I found my interest in eyes and optics of vision. I’m very happy that I made that decision and entered the optometry profession because I do enjoy every work day. It gives me a feeling of being complete that I can make changes in people’s lives with something as little as prescribing eyeglasses or diagnosing eye diseases or related health conditions that are life threatening. I take a lot of pride in what I do everyday and I have found some great ophthalmology friends that I work with for all my referrals. We have a great relationship with eye surgeons in Los Angeles and they are all very responsive and quick to see our patients for emergency eye-related conditions. I’m very open minded and I would never let my ego get in the way of my relationship with my patients. I’m very lucky that I have very professional eye surgeons around me that also are very much interested in the health of the patients above all. Los Angeles is a big community but at the end of the day, I know so many of the doctors in this town. Again, we look at the picture as a whole and not just two eyes. I have great colleagues in this town that are cardiologists, rheumatologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons and LASIK doctors.”

His favorite patient story is: “As their eye doctor, I have patients who open up their private life to me and I’m not just their eye doctor but someone who also helps them to look at the bright side of life. As an eye doctor I’m not only here to treat people’s eyes but also look into their well being. Sometimes there are patients who have never seen their primary eye care for years and I’m the only doctor that they see on a yearly basis. Therefore, the overall health of the patient is my number one priority as their eyes fall into that category as well.”

Over the years, Jilber Fouladian has dedicated his time to various philanthropic organizations like the Jules Stein Eye Institute UCLA, Children’s Hospital, and UCLA Psychiatric Clinic. Doctor Fouladian is the recipient of the “Hats Off to You Award” from Jules Stein Cornea Division, UCLA.

He also contributes to his local community. “I like to help patients that have been affected by drug addiction. A couple of places like Chabad and Jewish Organization in Los Angeles have a relationship that based on the income level of patients, we make adjustments to their fees. I’m proud to help these young people that have been affected by this disease of addiction. It’s rewarding as I see how they improve their lives and clean up and start a new life.”

Outside of work, Doctor Fouladian is an avid marathoner and tennis player. He says: “I started running in my mid 30s and guess what, I hated running with a passion. However, I told myself that I should challenge myself and find something that I don’t like to do because it’s good for me to overcome that challenge. I picked up little runs here and there after work with my younger brother Jean Pierre during our bachelor lives and I’m proud to say that we have done three Los Angeles Marathons. I still go running on Sundays by Santa Monica Ocean. Tennis and soccer are my other passions.”

​​​​​​​His wife is a dental hygienist. He says: “We love to compete with each other as to which part of the body is more important. Of course, EYES.”

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