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Daily vs. Monthly Contact Lenses

What are the differences between daily and monthly contact lenses?

For a long time, the go-to disposable contact lens was the monthly or bi-monthly contact lens. The standard was to wear these lenses a couple weeks (or more if you wanted to live dangerously). Every night, you would put them in some form of contact lens solution. However, in recent years, daily disposable contact lenses have really burst onto the scene. It allows the wearer the feeling of a fresh pair of lenses, every day plus the ease of simply disposing of their contact lenses at the end of every day instead of hassling with contact lens solution.Man Smiling Field 1280x480

Daily disposable contact lenses

These lenses are, as the name describes, meant to be worn daily then disposed of at the end of the day. Putting on a fresh pair of lenses every morning allows the lenses to stay clean and avoid eye irritation. The lenses are thin and water like. That means they stay moist throughout the day but can really only be worn once. We have found that more and more patients are requesting daily disposable lenses and now, the majority of our contact lenses wearing patients at both our West Los Angeles and Glendale locations are wearing daily disposable lenses. Woman blonde putting in contact lens

Monthly or bi-monthly contact lenses

These contact lenses are thicker than daily disposables. They are thus more durable. However, the longer they are worn, they tend to build up residue and deposits. They require daily disinfectant material such as contact lens solution.

Is there a difference in cost?

For a time, daily disposables were far more expensive than monthly lenses. However, manufacturers have developed better technology to lower the cost of the materials needed to make the daily disposables. While daily disposables are still more expensive, the price gap has shrunk.

Based on the fact that the daily disposables are a healthier fit for the eye, causing less dryness and redness, we like to recommend these contact lenses to patients. Obviously, it depends on a person's budget and lifestyle and it is a decision we can ultimately make together. Call us to book an appointment to discuss what works best for you: West Los Angeles 310-234-8900 and Glendale 818-330-7555.


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