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Westwood & Montrose - Eye Center Optometric Corp
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Eye Exam Post COVID-19

Steps we are taking for the safety of our patients and our staff


Dear patients we are taking every precautions to make sure that patients are safe during their visit for their eye exam and eyeglasses/contact lens purchases.

  • Please make sure to stay home if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms and call your primary care physician.
  • Please let us know if you have been sick with COVID-19 OR in the presence of someone with COVID-19 in the last 30 days.
  • According to CDC, Federal, State and City we must have a MASK and if you don’t have at the time our visit we will provide you a grade 1 surgical mask.
  • Measuring temperature daily (non contact thermometer) of each staff and patients that enters the office.
  • No Gloves to be worn inside the office because of cross contamination. Wash hands once you are arrived to our office or put on a fresh pair of gloves.
  • Please keep more than 6-12 feet away from other patients in the office and if it’s possible with staff.
  • Waiting room will be wiped off and clean after each patient.
  • Please do not come as a group or with another person unless the patient is under age of 17 or special needs.
  • Doctor and staff using masks, gloves and proper PPE at all times.
  • Providing us your insurance/vision plan information so we can gather all your vision benefits information before your visit.
  • For pick ups of eyeglasses and contact lenses we can deliver to you outside the office if a patient request it.
  • We can ship your contact lens supply or eyeglasses to your home. ( Ask us how you can get free shipping on contact lens supply)
  • Eyewear Sanitation: we are using 50/50 3% hydrogen peroxide /water solution mixed in a spray bottle. We will clean every eyewear before and after a patient or staff come in contact with it. Please DO NOT use alcohol or Lysol or similar products to clean your eyeglasses.
  • Before Pretest and eye exam, staff and doctor will throughly clean and wipe all equipments and contact places of previous patient with alcohol and Lysol.


Dear patients thank you for being so patient with us and we like to let you know our opening day May 18th.

We have taken extra precaution.  Learn more below.

Meanwhile, for contact lens order and question you can text us at 310-234-8900 or leave us a voice message.

Read more about the steps we are taking for the safety of our patients and our staff.


Thank you for staying home! Now we are back and our offices are open with new hours. Please check with our offices for our new hours and all new precautionary protocols that we have taken to protect our patients and staff.